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Skidmore College

Q&A with Atzallali Saucedo-Ruiz '21

Atzallali Saucedo-RuizHometown: Waukegan, Illinois

High school: Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep.

Major: Management & Business and Psychology double major, Gender Studies minor

Activities at Skidmore: RA, Rounds Hall; Student Supervisor, Dining Hall; Skidmore Campus Ambassador, Schuler Program; and member of Ignite (Christian Fellowship), Knit Wits, and Random Acts of Crafts

Why did you apply Early Decision?
I did not know about Skidmore until my college counselor told me about interviews being held in Chicago. She thought I would really connect with the values and “feel” of the College. I remember taking the virtual tour on the Skidmore website and falling in love with the campus; it’s just so beautiful. I also loved that creativity was not only welcomed but celebrated. Applying early decision just made sense. I’m grateful for the day my college counselor sent me the email suggesting Skidmore. It changed my life.

Best part of college so far?
Hmm…there are too many to list. Definitely the community. I love the people I’ve met. It’s a total cliché, but I’ve met my best friends here. I’m from Illinois, which means I’m pretty far from home. My first year was a bit difficult because of the distance, but my best friends got me through it. I’ve found a family here at Skidmore that I absolutely love. People care about’s unbelievable! The professors care about their students and are excited to get to know us. I feel comfortable stopping by during their office hours to chat about my future and what I’m currently excited about. I’ve gotten to know so many people by just waving to them as I walk down Case walkway or standing in line at the post office.

Biggest surprise about college?
After my first semester, I knew management & business was going to be my major, but I never thought I’d fall in love with psychology and gender studies too. I had always thought that I had to dedicate myself to just one major and maybe a minor. Skidmore helped me find not just one, but three passions. Professors here do a great job of teaching in an interdisciplinary manner, which has opened my eyes to endless possibilities.

Advice on applying Early Decision?
Follow your gut! Make time and space to really listen to what you want, and remember that everything is going to be just fine. I still remember how much stress I underwent when looking at colleges, and I really wish I had taken a deep breath. I’m a firm believer that everyone ends up where they’re supposed to be and that everything has a reason. Looking at colleges is definitely an important part of your life, but don’t let the application process prevent you from having fun and being yourself.

Something most people don’t know about you?
I really enjoyed my microeconomics class, a requirement for management & business majors. I thought I was really going to dislike it, but after the first week of class something weird happened—I found myself looking forward to microeconomics more than any of my other classes. I even enjoyed the exams.

Post-Skidmore plans or dreams?
Most likely, I’m going to pursue marketing. I want to change the way people think about each other, the planet, products, etc. It’s time to reassess the role marketing has played in developing stereotypes and biases in our world today. I want to influence what media chooses to feature in order to change the way individuals think about themselves and others. I want to see a world where people can be confident about who they are and become aware of the impact they have on the planet through the choices they make.