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Skidmore College

Finding where you fit

by Peter MacDonald

Braedon Quinlan ’24 chose Skidmore knowing he wants to be a doctor; Cadence Trach ’24, on the other hand, came to Skidmore intending to major in studio art but landing on a different major.

Four years later, Braedon’s and Cadence’s goals look a little different, but their passion for helping their communities remains the same. 

After setting his sights on the pre-med track, Braedon has decided he wants to become a pediatrician specializing in trauma or intensive care, but his experiences at Skidmore doing biology research have shifted his plans. Braedon is now preparing to pursue a joint MD/Ph.D. program following his graduation. 

Meanwhile, Cadence switched to a pre-med biology major before ultimately deciding that she could best achieve her ambition to help people through a social work major, which she also plans to pursue in grad school.

Both Braedon and Cadence are admissions ambassadors. Read on to find out more about their Skidmore experiences, and consider taking a campus tour with one of them!

Braedon Quinlan ’24 (he/him)
Braedon stands outside in Skidmore memorabilia, smiling.

Biology major; statistics, chemistry, and Honors Forum minors

Outside the classroom: Peer health educator, Biology Department researcher, Skidmore social media marketing assistant, Chemistry Department tutor

Hometown: Arlington, Massachusetts.

Favorite Admission tour question? “I’ve heard every single question imaginable, but I love talking about the food! My favorite Skidmore food fact is our weekly Chicken Finger Friday. D-hall’s hummingbird cake is also so good! I don’t even know how they make it, but it’s amazing.”

Favorite Skidmore fact? “Oh pshh, just one? Jonsson Tower is the highest point in Saratoga. We have more events than students. Scrat from ‘Ice Age’ is based off a Skidmore squirrel. I could go on...”

What’s a Saratoga must do? “Drink the water.”

Favorite movie? “Pitch Perfect.”

A fun fact about yourself? “I know every single word to the ‘Pitch Perfect’ riff off. And I’m obsessed with my hair.”

Cadence Trach ’24 (she/her)
Cadence smiles at the camera.

Social Work major, biology minor

Outside the classroom: Residential Life community assistant; Chemistry, Biology, and Social Work Department researcher; Student Government Association senator; dancer; Greenberg Childcare Center volunteer

Hometown: Milford, Connecticut 

Why Skidmore? “When I first came to Skidmore, I wanted to be a studio art major. Then COVID hit, and that changed my perspective. I wanted to help people, and I thought the only way I could was to become a doctor, so I switched to biology. 

At the end of my sophomore year, I realized I actually wanted to help people through social work, so I switched my major again. All this is to say, at Skidmore I have been able to explore many interests and received support at every step along the way.”

Favorite Skidmore fact? “That we can start research as early as the first semester of your first year! A lot of prospective students are interested in research and sharing this fact with them gets them so excited. Doing research in three different academic areas has helped me figure out what I want to do in the long run. It’s also great that we don’t have to compete with graduate students for research positions at Skidmore.”

What’s a Saratoga must do? “Stay for a summer; there’s so much to do. I spent a summer on campus doing research, and I got to see the New York City Ballet at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC). It’s really fun and a completely different atmosphere. In the fall and winter, Saratoga Springs is pretty quiet and then summer comes and there are so many people!”

Favorite music? “Anything Noah Kahan. In fact, I attended his concert this summer at SPAC — my first-ever concert.”

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