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Skidmore College

Our community of individual sticker collectors

December 13, 2019
by Melanie Nolan '23

Here at Skidmore, we like to say we are a “community of individuals.” We’ve arrived here from around the world, and each of us brings distinct stories, life experiences and perspectives. In our own special ways, we find unity in our differences.   

What makes this seeming paradox possible? In my opinion, you don’t have to look far beyond our own core values, especially Creative Thought Matters. If there’s one thing we’re always excited to express at Skidmore, it’s how much we value creative thought.

And while there are as many ways to illustrate what Creative Thought Matters means to each of us as there are students on campus, one has stood out to me — stickers.  

Whether your stickers express a cause you’re passionate about or remind you of home, are there to make someone laugh or are just altogether bizarre, I think you can find out a lot about a person, and a community, by asking about the stickers they stick. 

So I did. Here’s what I learned.  

Olivia Rosenblum ’22  

Studying classics and Spanish  

Olivia Rosenblum

“I picked stickers that bring me joy and can start conversation. I’ve collected mine to bring happiness to those around me and also represent me as a person.” 

Favorite sticker: “‘Tea-rex’ holding a mug.”

Sarah Baker ’21

Studying history and anthropology  


“My stickers are from places I’ve been. I also want to show a couple things that are important to me and remember events on campus I’ve found meaningful.” 

Favorite sticker: “Last year’s Beatlemore Skidmania sticker because it reminds me of all the good memories I’ve had there.” 

Malchijahj Hodgkins ’22  

Studying sociology 


“When it comes to stickers, I believe less is great. Not less is more. That’s tacky. I feel like I wanted my laptop to represent something sleek, clean and modern.”  

Favorite sticker: “The Met sticker (Metropolitan Museum of Art). My only sticker. I love going to the Met.”

Sophia Paulino ’22  

Studying studio art 


“I chose all of them at the same time. I looked for stickers that represented me. I found the Skidmore College one, and I didn’t stick it until I knew about all the other ones. I had to complete the entire picture.” 

Favorite sticker: “I can’t pick. Probably the ‘too busy being a girl boss’ one.”


Studying international affairs  


“My stickers represent my experience, the things that I’ve done in life and the things that highlight them.” 

Favorite sticker: “The ‘drobakid’ one. It’s a band of students here at Skidmore. My school email is the beginning of my last name and my first initial, and some of my friends named their band after it.”  

Jinan Al-Busaidi ’20

Studying political science and French  


“Some I put on just because they were free. Some I went out of my way to buy. I have so many more back home I want to use, but I have no space.” 

Favorite sticker: “The Muscat street sign one. Muscat is the capital of Oman, where I’m from, and this one means a lot to me. That’s what the road signs look like there, and every time I see it, it reminds me of home.”  

PJ Spagnoletti ’23 

Studying management and business and media studies 


“I like to have an aesthetic look that says something about me and my interests. Sometimes I also choose stickers based on memes.” 

Favorite sticker: “The NYC skyline, because I love the city and I hope to live and work there one day. The city calls, you know?” 


Aliza Nazir ’23 

Studying psychology and sociology  


“I go with whatever I feel screams ‘me.’ I think my laptop reflects me as a person now. It’s colorful, and I think I’m very colorful. I love to keep adding new stuff.” 

Favorite sticker: “Spider-Man. I love Marvel.” 

And finally me, Melanie Nolan ’23 

I'm studying English  

Melanie Nolan

I wanted my stickers to be colorful and full of happy things to remind me to be positive, even when I am doing work or typing away in class.  

My favorite sticker: A sunflower record player. It reminds me of the florist job I had in high school, which makes me nostalgic. 

the Author

Melanie Nolan

Melanie Nolan is a English major at Skidmore from the suburbs of Philadelphia. She likes to read novels and poems, analyze pop culture and hopes to major in English. Someday, she wants to hike every trail in Skidmore’s North Woods.